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Tips on Renting a Car in the Summer

May 20, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Article Written by : Credit Card Processing News

Are you going on vacation this summer? Whether you’re headed to an exotic island in the Caribbean or a crowded city in Europe, chances are you will need a car to get around. A car rental is still the best means of transportation while away from home, allowing vacationers to explore their destinations at their own pace. A car can get you where tours and taxis might not go. A car can provide you with your privacy, and allow you to see the sights you want to see.

But renting a car in the summertime is very different than renting a car during other times of the year. There are many things to consider, from air conditioning to price. Before renting a car this summer, follow these tips to ensure that you get the most comfortable vehicle at the best price.

Book Early

Summertime is a popular time to get away. Nearly everyone goes on some type of vacation in the summer, even if it’s only a weekend getaway a few hours away. For this reason, car rentals go fast. This is why it’s important to book your car rental in advance. A last-minute car rental might not be the vehicle you had in mind. It might be smaller than you need or might not have the features you were looking for. Also, it might also cost more than usual. Booking your car rental earlier than the rest of the crow will ensure that you get the car you want at the right price. This is especially true if you need a Grand Cayman car rental.

Say Yes to Air Conditioning

Summer is the hottest season of the year. Even if you’re headed to a tropical island, we recommend renting a car with air conditioning. An air conditioned vehicle will be nice and cool for the entire family, even if the weather gets extremely hot or humid outside. Creating a comfortable atmosphere while on the road is essential to a successful vacation. You will be spending a great deal of time in the car, so might as well make it comfortable.

Look for Online Specials

While this might seem obvious, many travelers forget to look for summer discounts on car rentals. Before booking your car rental, explore the website of the car rental company you plan to go with. Chances are they will have a page dedicated to special deals and discounts. Find a deal that goes with your budget or call and ask about their specials. Rental cars in Grand Cayman, for example, can get pricey during peak travel times such as summertime. So make sure you snag a good deal if you can.

rent a car

Enjoy Your Vacation with a Car Rental

October 6, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Article Written by : Eco World
Are you thinking about a trip to Grand Cayman in the near future? If so, you probably already know you have a number of things to consider to make it the best trip possible. Obviously, you need a place to stay. That goes without saying. However, you also need to make sure you have a way of getting around the island.

Don’t make the mistake so many do and assume that you’ll just catch a cab or shuttle to where you need to get to go. For one thing, this is going to cost you substantially over the duration of your trip. But above that, you’ll also be enjoying your vacation on someone else’s schedule. Imagine waiting around with your family while public transportation gets to you. Once it arrives, you then have longer than necessary wait until you finally get to your planned destination.

Instead, why not just go with a car rental in Grand Cayman? By having your own car to command, the entire island becomes your oyster. Go where you like, stay for as long as you like and don’t worry about someone else’s timetable.


rent a car

It’s Worth It to Rent a Car on the Cayman Islands

August 14, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Article written by Learners Workshop

When you plan a trip somewhere exotic like the Cayman Islands, you may have a number of costs you’re incurring. While it will certainly be worth it, most people would like to keep their final bill to a minimum, which is understandable. However, one cost you can’t afford to cut is car rental in the Cayman Islands. Although you’ll save money doing so in the short term, it will definitely come back to haunt you.

Why is this, you ask? Because, while small, the Cayman Islands is very spread out in terms of things you may want to do. This means that if you don’t have a rental car, you’ll have to depend on public transportation. Doing so will automatically put you at odds with everyone who lives on the island, plus the thousands of tourists who are also there.

So consider calling up for a Cayman Islands rent a car today, well before your trip begins. Trying to secure one once you’re down there will be just about impossible, as everyone else will find themselves in the same boat as you.