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Cayman Islands Weather Tips

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The weather in the Cayman Islands is generally good all year round. However, even the Cayman weather might be subject to some rapid and unpredictable changes. If you are seeking to plan your next vacations in the Cayman Islands, tracking weather forecasts would prove to be a valuable tool.

For instance, the hurricane season in the islands lasts between the 1st of June till the end of November. During the high season, that is from mid-December to the middle of April, the weather is perfect for trips to the beach. During these months the weather would be mostly dry with trade winds coming from the northeast cooling down the temperature. Cloudy and windy weathers are quite rare during these months.

When it comes to the weather, the best month to visit the Cayman Islands is by far April. During this month visitors are able to enjoy the perfect warmth of the island just before the real heat of summer sets in in the month of May. Despite the heat, most European visitors prefer to opt for summer vacations in the island.

No matter the place that you choose to stay in the islands, a car rental cayman island is of prime importance to maximize the island experience and enjoy a diversity of places and attractions. Grand Cayman is particularly known for its restaurants, beaches, great sights and cultural experiences.

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Tropical wedding in Grand Cayman

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The Cayman Island are known for their hospitable people and great tropical backdrops. Couples who are looking for something exceptional for their wedding often choose the Cayman Islands as destination. The Islands offer possibilities of several types of venues such as small resorts or five-star hotels. The choice would depend on your style and guest list size. The good thing about the Cayman Islands is that you would require minimal decoration as the setting is already so beautiful.

The Cayman Islands offer a good choice of wedding vendors, event planners as well as photographers, bakers and florists. Everything that you would require to make your wedding a successful one. Normally the high wedding seasons range around Christmas up till mid-April. The hurricane season is between May and November, so you might avoid these months for a wedding celebration.

An interesting fact that could be important is that live and outdoor music is not allowed on Sundays. This would imply that even if you are holding your ceremony on a Saturday, you will have to stop the music at midnight. Therefore getting married during week days might be more festive. These islands are the safest destination in the Caribbean so they make great family places. Your guests would also be able to enjoy great water activities.

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It’s Worth It to Rent a Car on the Cayman Islands

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When you plan a trip somewhere exotic like the Cayman Islands, you may have a number of costs you’re incurring. While it will certainly be worth it, most people would like to keep their final bill to a minimum, which is understandable. However, one cost you can’t afford to cut is car rental in the Cayman Islands. Although you’ll save money doing so in the short term, it will definitely come back to haunt you.

Why is this, you ask? Because, while small, the Cayman Islands is very spread out in terms of things you may want to do. This means that if you don’t have a rental car, you’ll have to depend on public transportation. Doing so will automatically put you at odds with everyone who lives on the island, plus the thousands of tourists who are also there.

So consider calling up for a Cayman Islands rent a car today, well before your trip begins. Trying to secure one once you’re down there will be just about impossible, as everyone else will find themselves in the same boat as you.