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Storm Doors Explained

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Storm doors serve a dual purpose. They help protect the interior of the house from debris that might kick up during high-wind storms. They also provide ventilation, and in some designs, visibility from inside the home to the outside world. These doors are crucial in some parts of the country, but almost any home can find a use for one. Here is a more detailed explanation of storm doors, including their uses and styles.


Storm doors come in three basic varieties:

  • A full view door usually features a glass or fiberglass panel that stretches across the length of the door, so that patrons inside will be able to look outside. These doors typically block air from passing through the doorway, but the glass can be removed sometimes to let the breeze in.
  • Ventilating doors use one or two glass panels, which can be slid to an open position to allow some extra air into the space. It’s preferable to a full view door in cases where you want cross ventilation without the hassle of striking the door each time you need it.
  • Rollscreen doors are a fairly new kind of door that is like a hybrid of full view and ventilating doors. The screen is typically connected to the top or side of the frame, and then pulled down or across to lock into place.


Storm doors come in the same materials that a regular door does, but may be heavy duty. Wood looks the most appealing, but does require some staining and protection to remain viable long term. Aluminum resists corrosion and can be painted easily, but they are the thinnest doors and may buckle under intense winds. PVC doors are the most common type, and they are nearly impossible to bend or break.

Article submitted by Interior Design

Change the Look of Your Outdoor Seating

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Written by The Foam Factory

Your outdoor seating might be in need of a revamping after several years of use. Elements such as wear and tear, rain and mold might be responsible for the deterioration of your outdoor cushions and furniture. With proper maintenance you might be able to prolong the life of your furniture and cushions.

The general care required by outdoor seating would vary depending on the material they are made up of. For instance, metal or wrought-iron seatings might be requiring a fresh coating of paint every once in a while to maintain their color and to avoid rusting and oxidization. Wooden furniture would be requiring varnishing especially if you live in an area that tend to be exposed to regular rain. You might also in that case consider waterproofing your wooden or wicker furniture. Plastic garden furniture also tend to be subject to deterioration after some years of use and might be restored with a fresh coat of paint.

When it comes to your seat cushions, you might consider going for an outdoor foam replacement to give a new look to your furniture. You could also consider replacing the casing of your cushions with brand new ones to make the change more noticeable. Carlo Badalamenti has risen to the position of VP of a foam manufacturing company. He has gained expertise in helping customers choose the right outdoor foam. Ideally, outdoor foams should be fast-drying and antimicrobial.

The Foam Factory specializes in manufacturing foam for different uses, including outdoor furniture cushions.

Outdoor Cushions for the Rainy Season

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By Canada Foam by Mail

Do you have patio furniture for your home? If so, your furniture may be lacking because it’s the kind without cushions. Maybe you’ve done this because you don’t want to keep taking them in and out as the weather changes or you’ve had bad experiences in the past with supposed “waterproof” materials.

If this sounds familiar, the good news is that there is foam in Canada that can take care of these problems. If you’ve never used foam for your outdoor cushions before, you’ll be surprised to see how well comfort and durability can be married in one simple material. It really is the best of both worlds.

Everyone knows foam is comfortable; that’s one of its defining traits. However, if you’re not aware of upholstery foam in Canada, you probably have no idea of just how comfortable it can really be. In fact, it’s a safe wager that whatever you’re using for your cushions now wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable as what foam can do.

Plus, you can get foam that is specifically made for outdoor applications. So when it does rain—or if you decide to use it on your boat—you don’t need to worry that your investment is ruined.


When you want foam for residential or commercial purposes, you don’t need to look any further than Canada Foam by Mail. The company’s website sells everything from traditional offerings to custom outdoor cushions and more, so you can find just about anything your home or business needs.

Custom Outdoor Foam for Every Weather

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By Carlo Badalamenti

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, you can’t do better than some beautiful foam furniture. Foam is the ultimate material for comfort, plus it’s extremely weather-resistant and durable. Fortunately, upholstery foam in Canada is easy to find at a price you can afford. This means you can get just the kind you want to replace or otherwise match the look you’re going for outside. It also means that, should something happen to your foam, you won’t have to break the bank to go get more options.

Another great thing about foam is how easily you can modify it for a custom look. If you’re worried that the furniture you have outside isn’t accommodating to most sizes of foam, don’t worry. It can be easily modified to get exactly the shape you need.

Lastly, foam is extremely easy to clean. So when the weather does get rough, you don’t have to worry about foam being completely ruined or otherwise having to give it up. The type you buy will designate how you clean it, but most is built to stand up to the weather in the first place so you should be fine.


Canada Foam by Mail offers sound proofing foam andcustom outdoor cushionsamongst other popular versions and all at a great price. On their website, you can find countless options in terms of memory foam and the different types of mattresses. So no matter what size bed you use, you’ll find the memory foam option that works best.

Outdoor Cushions

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Written By: canada foam by mail

Having outdoor furniture can take a lot of work and effort. You will have to consider the weather or choosing the right kind of cushion or cover to make sure that your furniture doesn’t get ruined or wet from the rain. Homeowners who are thinking about revamping their outdoor style should start their project by looking for material that is specific for the outdoors. Before impulsively buying online or at a hardware shop at the mall, one should consider first what they are looking for exactly. It would be nice to look at all your options first before settling for one.

A rule buyers should remember when choosing any kind of upholstery foam canada is to find a great and durable fabric that will hold up even after the stress of being sat upon or wet in the rain. When you go online or go in the mall to look for these items, make sure you keep a close watch to terms like all-weather fabric, home decorator fabric, waterproof fabric, weather-proof or weather-resistant fabric. Some more options would be oilcloth or vinyl, which are often times used for retro-style tablecloths and tote bags for your family.

It is also great to try and make custom cushions that will fit the style and decoration in your home. You can use recycled materials and get creative as you use these to come up with a unique and purposeful item that will be perfect for the outdoors. Combining environment friendliness and creativeness more often than not, gets good results.

Another great tip is to go to canada foam by mail where a wide range of products are available and you can get great deals for boat cushion.

A Guide to a Portable Room Air Conditioner

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A portable room air conditioner is a great addition to any room because you can move it anywhere in the room to focus the cold air exactly where you want it.  These types of units are not only great for keeping you nice and cool during those hot summer months but certain equipment, such as computers needs to stay cool as well.  Portable units are also extremely cost effective.  For a bedroom, computer room or small office, a unit that is between 12,000 to 24,000 BTU’s should be enough for maximum cooling power.

             There is a new technology in air conditioners which provide an alternative to a traditional fan coil unit.  They are called ceiling mounted units. They are totally self contained and are perfect for small spaces.  They are ideal for rooms that produce a lot of heat such as computer server rooms.  These units are different from coil units because they are either air cooled or water cooled.  Most of these units range from 10, 5000 BTU’s to 29,400 BTU’s.  They are compact and easy to install.  The units come with detailed instructions, flanges, condensation pumps and mounting brackets that are built in.

             Computer cooling is needed to keep the components of the computer within a normal temperature range.  These components include graphics cards and hard disk drives.  If overheated, these components can temporarily shut down or they can cause permanent damage to the computer.  The CPU is the primary heat generator in a computer.

The Advantages and Limitations of Solar Power

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Article Submitted by Top Solar Energy Companies

Is it a good idea to install a solar panel for your home?

The answer to that question varies depending on certain factors but in comparison to the other energy sources available, the advantages and limitations that come with solar power seems to be more positive than otherwise.


Take the recent disasters involved with coal, nuclear power and oil into consideration such as the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, the Massey coal mine explosion and the nuclear crisis in Japan.

Yet there’s no doubt that there costs and benefits involved with every type of energy source, and so here is a list of advantages and limitations associated with solar power:


Right off the bat, solar power reduces costs in terms of electricity bills, thanks to the independence it provides from grid power.

Secondly, other than emissions taking place in the production of solar panels, the use of solar panels provides emissions-free electricity hence forth. It’s safe and clean compared to all other forms of energy sources.

Lastly, solar energy can be considered to be reliable enough as a source of power. In fact, some solar panel manufacturers offer power production guarantees that if not met, will be compensated for with money for the difference.


Solar power isn’t for everyone. Sometimes the design of one’s home is just not suited to solar power especially when it comes to the roof. If the need for unobstructed southern exposure isn’t met, it’s just not going to work.

Solar power isn’t generated at night and even though there are ways to compensate for this period of inactivity, it still remains a drawback.

Solar power is expensive if electricity is cheap in your area or there aren’t any incentives in the form of rebates or credits offered by the government. In fact, making a large down payment for solar panels is difficult if program for easy payments are not available either.

Kodiak, Alaska Debates New Synthetic Grass Sports Fields

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Article submitted by Artificial Turf Supply

Officials in Kodiak, Alaska are debating whether or not to install a synthetic lawn turf on the sports fields of the town’s new high school. According to the Kodiak Daily Mirror, there’s no question that school district officials, parents and coaches want to use artificial turf on their fields; the question is whether they can afford to buy artificial turf after performing other renovation and expansion projects at Kodiak High.

Artificial turf manufacturers have long recommended using synthetic grass for sports fields in cold weather environments, and few places are colder than Kodiak, Alaska. School officials would like to build new football and baseball fields with synthetic grass in order to avoid excessive wear and tear caused by play in cold weather and let the fields be used year-round. The only obstacle standing in the way, according to the article, is finding enough funds after other, more essential, work is done with money reserved for the school’s renovations.

An artificial turf lawn for your home

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If you are considering an artificial turf lawn for your home, you may be on verge of making a very satisfying decision. Artificial lawns are a growing trend at the moment and there are several reasons why they will benefit you.

The first and foremost reason is that it is low maintenance. We all want to have a nice car, a nice house, a nice hairstyle etc. but we are inherently lazy to maintain them. With a lawn, it can look terrible when you don’t maintain it unlike a car that hasn’t been washed for a while. But with an artificial lawn, you can have the best of both worlds. You don’t have to water it or mow it or trim or anything; you can just sit and watch it or play on it or have a picnic and never worry about it again.

Artificial lawns do have bit of a high cost associated with them, but this only occurs once and that is at the purchasing stage. If you can convince a few neighbors to join in then you can buy artificial grass wholesale and save a lot of money. Find a good supplier from the vast range of artificial turf manufacturers who has been known to do good work and get them to install the lawn for you. Artificial lawns need to have their drainage sorted at the installation stage or else you will have a few problems later on. Once you get over this minor problem you are all set to enjoy your artificial lawn.

Artificial grass – Change is the only thing that’s constant

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While the Great American Dream was to own your home while you paid off your mortgage rather easily with enough and more to spare, all that has changed now with the events leading up to the recession. But for the fact that change is indeed constant, we’d all be leading semi-charmed lives, and perhaps while grass has always been the answer to our lawns that has changed over a short period of, thanks to the invention of artificial grass.

Of course, nothing much had changed until this form of grass came along as until then people spent enormous amounts of time, energy and money in order to maintain their lawns or wherever grass was used.

However, it was in the sports arena that synthetic turf grass was first used, and while this led to lesser player injury (which was the most obvious benefit at that point), soon manufacturers began to realize that one could use this type of grass for not only commercial purposes (such as professional sporting arenas) but also for lawns and parks and so on and so forth.

It shouldn’t be surprising that in today’s world, there are specific types of artificial grass used depending on what the purpose of its use is for, and while its users benefit from this type of grass by not only saving time, energy and money, artificial turf manufacturers are now offering more and more advantages to their customer as the idea of using fake grass takes the world by storm.

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