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Grand Cayman

Tropical wedding in Grand Cayman

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The Cayman Island are known for their hospitable people and great tropical backdrops. Couples who are looking for something exceptional for their wedding often choose the Cayman Islands as destination. The Islands offer possibilities of several types of venues such as small resorts or five-star hotels. The choice would depend on your style and guest list size. The good thing about the Cayman Islands is that you would require minimal decoration as the setting is already so beautiful.

The Cayman Islands offer a good choice of wedding vendors, event planners as well as photographers, bakers and florists. Everything that you would require to make your wedding a successful one. Normally the high wedding seasons range around Christmas up till mid-April. The hurricane season is between May and November, so you might avoid these months for a wedding celebration.

An interesting fact that could be important is that live and outdoor music is not allowed on Sundays. This would imply that even if you are holding your ceremony on a Saturday, you will have to stop the music at midnight. Therefore getting married during week days might be more festive. These islands are the safest destination in the Caribbean so they make great family places. Your guests would also be able to enjoy great water activities.

Grand Cayman

Enjoy Your Vacation with a Car Rental

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Are you thinking about a trip to Grand Cayman in the near future? If so, you probably already know you have a number of things to consider to make it the best trip possible. Obviously, you need a place to stay. That goes without saying. However, you also need to make sure you have a way of getting around the island.

Don’t make the mistake so many do and assume that you’ll just catch a cab or shuttle to where you need to get to go. For one thing, this is going to cost you substantially over the duration of your trip. But above that, you’ll also be enjoying your vacation on someone else’s schedule. Imagine waiting around with your family while public transportation gets to you. Once it arrives, you then have longer than necessary wait until you finally get to your planned destination.

Instead, why not just go with a car rental in Grand Cayman? By having your own car to command, the entire island becomes your oyster. Go where you like, stay for as long as you like and don’t worry about someone else’s timetable.