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Best Slopes for Group Ski Packages in Colorado

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Written by: Mike Di Leo

Planning to book group ski packages to Colorado? Ski packages usually include lodging and lift tickets, but may cover some other amenities in town. Colorado features a number of slopes well known to be skiing challenges, fit for any experience level.

There are many mountains to choose from, so be sure you know what you want to do on vacation before you plan your trip. Ski Daddy presents a short list of our favorite slopes.


Colorado church group ski packages cater to groups of 20 or more, and Keystone is the place to be. Keystone offers access to three separate mountains: Dercum, The Outback and North Peak. The park has a terrain area, where snowboarders can hit the half pipe or slam dunk a trick. Keystone even offers night skiing adventures and snow mobile rides.

Dercum is generally considered to be the beginner’s slope of choice. Dercum also features A51, a Terrain Park that was rated in Transworld Snowboarding’s Top 10 List twice. North Peak features bumpy trails designed for intermediate skiers, while the Outback, the tallest mountain, features some of the best tree skiing to be found in the state.

Ski Granby Ranch

Granby Ranch is a four season resort in Colorado. During summers, you’ll find golfing and horseback riding. Granby is also known for its winter conditions, and is great for large groups who want to get away from the crowds of places like Aspen. There are runs to accommodate all skill levels, and plenty of parking near the ski lifts. Granby Ranch is a place well-known as training grounds. The locals, who usually have substantial skiing experience, tend to bring children to the slopes to get the basics down before hitting more advanced runs.

The best part for families is that all trails begin and end at the same points, so there is no chasing down wayward kids making their way down the mountain.


Steamboat isn’t just one slope. It’s an entire range consisting of six different runs. That means there are plenty of runs to cater to any skill level. The biggest advantage for groups, other than the variety, is the affordability. There are many lodgings at Steam Boat, so it’s likely you’ll find at least one that will fit your budget.

Final Thoughts

Colorado ski slopes cater to all skill levels. Take the time to plan the trip that will fit your budget, and find an area that allows the less-experienced in your group get enjoyment from the trip.

Tracking and Recovering a Weather Balloon

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Summary: Recovering a weather balloon after launch involves using some equipment to track the flight.

What goes up must come down, and so too with a weather balloon. These tips will help you recover your balloon after launch.

Payload Requirements

If you’re going to track weather balloons, your kit needs a payload arm to hold everything you need. The gas in the balloon will help hold everything and bring it into the stratosphere, but the payload must have a GPS unit on board. This unit looks like a small circuit board and fits securely onto the payload arm. You can also install a camera that will snap photos periodically during the ascent. Just be wary. There are certain weight requirements you must meet based on the size of the balloon and volume of gas used.


You can estimate your balloon’s trajectory through some simple calculations, and the usage of a program like Google Maps. First, you have to calculate the size fo your balloon and how much gas it can hold. Next, you use that volume of gas to determine the potential distance your balloon can travel with the payload attached. This won’t tell you precisely where you can recover the balloon, but it will give an idea of what to expect the day of launch.

Day of Launch

Remember that conditions change daily, so a beautiful day might have heavy winds higher up that you won’t notice. Be prepared to check the GPS datalogger coordinates frequently, and have a car handy to drive to the location for pickup. It also helps to have hiking boots, as the balloon won’t always drop in the middle of the road.


Best Places to Live on the Beach

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Written by: Dream Finders

Summary: There are plenty of exciting, beach-side areas to call home. Here is a list of favorite spots on Grand Cayman.

James Bovell is a Cayman Islands realtor with some recommendations on the best spots to live beach-side. Ocean-side living is undeniably attractive and luxurious. Whether you want to retire, or you wish to take some time in a remote location for a few years, the Cayman Islands are just one of many exciting places around the globe.

The Cayman Islands are considered a tropical climate, which is perfect for surfers and beach-farers. A three bedroom home is on par with what you might find in New York or San Francisco, and almost half of the population is made of expats. It’s easy to immigrate into the country, and even easier to buy a home.

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman homes range in price depending on whether you are looking for a luxury beach front condo, a canal front home with boating access, a large beach front estate or a quiet in-land home. While there are no annual property taxes, there is a one- time duty that is paid at the time of purchase. There are also no restrictions on who can own property in the Cayman Islands. The one thing you do need to anticipate is the cost of daily necessities. As most of the goods are imported, the island carries a slightly higher cost of living. Still, the beaches are calm and the water is clear and blue.

The Cayman Islands feature luxury condos on prime beach real estate, some of which is situated on Seven Mile Beach. These luxurious condos are complete with opulent finishes and amenities that rival the finest five-star hotels. Folks who love the outdoors will find endless appeal in the Cayman Islands. There are spots to go scuba diving, hiking and it takes only about an hour to drive the entire way around the island.

New Mexico: Skiing Destination

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Passionate skiers can all run into the same problem eventually: running out of local skiing options. The more you ski, the faster it happens. However, this can also be seen as an opportunity too. Traveling to other ski resorts around the country (or even the world) is a great way to enjoy your favorite pastime and see more of the world all at the same time. One destination everyone should see is New Mexico.

While its neighbor, Colorado, is better known for skiing, New Mexico has a lot to offer. Off the mountain, you’ll enjoy beautiful weather the year round. On the many mountains New Mexico offers, though, you’ll have all the fresh powder you need to carve it up and enjoy yourself. Plus, you’ll have a much easier time getting that valuable mountain time in as opposed to going to more popular options like Colorado.

If you really want to save money, you can always schedule group ski packages too. This will make it more affordable for you and others to go, which means you can easily make New Mexico the destination for your next family vacation and get everyone hitting the slopes together.