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Killer Whales in the San Juan Islands

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By Crystal Seas

Despite their name, killer whales are actually very gentle creatures that have a track record of leaving humans alone when in the wild. Every native culture that has come in contact with the killer whale has given them great respect and even places of high honor in their mythologies. For this and many other reasons, many people kayak to San Juan Island in order to see these amazing creatures up close.

There are, of course, a number of ways to see them, but kayaking with killer whales cannot be beat. For one thing, you see these whales in their native habitat, so you can rest assured they are happy and healthy. It also means they are interacting with you on their own accord, as opposed to being forced to do tricks.

Kayaking around the San Juan Islands virtually guarantees you’ll get to see a pod of killer whales up close, but there’s no reason to be afraid. These gentle giants are always welcoming hosts and will go in and out of the water right alongside you without causing you any harm.

So if you’ve always wanted to see a killer whale in person, this is definitely the best way to do it.


Kayaking is amazing source of exercise that works both your muscles and your cardio, yet is a lot of fun to do at the same time. For those who really embrace the sport and want to know more about kayaking in Washington, Crystal Seas can offer unrivaled experiences that even include paddling alongside the majestic killer whale.

How to Insulate a Front Door

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Now that winter is just on the horizon, it’s a good time to walk your home and look for any improvements you can make before the weather kicks up. Most people are good about the basics, like cleaning gutters and checking pipes, but few people take the time to investigate their weather stripping. If the weather stripping on your front door begins to crack or feel brittle, it might be time to replace it.

Choosing Weather Stripping

There are multiple types of weather stripping available to you. We will discuss self-stick foam, but you also have options like a door threshold to close the gap at the base of your door. Self-stick foam has a strip that you peel off before you apply, so it requires almost no tools to install.

Measure the Frame

The first step is to measure your door frame in preparation to install the foam. Be as precise as possible, measuring the sides and top of the door. Measure the inside of the door, as this will be where the foam will be applied. Once you have the measurements, make your cuts with a simple box cutter and the foam should separate easily. Be careful with your measurements, and be sure that you’re cutting off exactly what you need to insulate the door. If you leave gaps between the insulation, you’ll let in air and defeat the purpose.

Apply the Stripping

The stripping should apply as you run your finger along the door. Begin in one of the corners, and carefully lay the stripping down as you pass your thumb or finger over it. Review your work for bubbling and squish it down with a bit of pressure from your thumb. You may also want to run your fingers over the stripping to be sure that it has securely adhered to the door jamb.