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The Modern Miracle of Heated Floors

December 14, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

With winter finally here, most of us are spending our days trying to find ways to stay warm. Sadly, sometimes the inside of our own homes don’t feel up to the task. We walk around with extra layers and two pairs of socks just waiting for the first thaw to arrive. Fortunately, many of us have had our dreams answered, No, spring’s not coming early this year. However, we can now have a heated tile floor inside our own home. Continue reading to find out more about this exciting opportunity.

The system works just how it sounds. It essentially works to provide heat under your floors which then comes through, keeping your feet warm with every step. Heat rises, so our feet are often the coldest parts of our bodies. But imagine no longer needing to wear slippers while you walk around your home. In fact, you could even do it barefoot.

Electric radiant floor heat is the most favored method for achieving this result, though others exist. Radiant heat works by warming metal coils beneath the floor with electricity. The great benefit about using radiant floor heating is that it can be easily installed by you. This saves thousands of dollars on hiring someone else to handle the process for you.

While there’s not much we can do about winter being here, thankfully there’s plenty we can do about how we deal with it. Heated floors are the answer we’ve all been waiting for.


Article submitted by EZ Floor Heat. The company is helping to popularize Electric Heated Floors by selling products that make it easy to install.

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