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The Importance of Seating- How it Can Affect Your Perception of an Event

November 7, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

When you go to a sporting event, or for that matter, any large gathering, your attentions are most likely on the event at hand, but most people overlook one of the most important facets of the venue, and that would be the seating accommodations. Especially for larger events, in which you may easily find yourself among thousands of people in the same setting, all of which need a place to sit once the event in question gets underway.

For large venues, such as arena shows and sporting events, the first thing you are likely to notice is the rows of seats that seem to be beyond count, and when you’re making your way through a crowded corridor, it can be hard to believe that all of the people around you can comfortably find a place to sit and partake in the festivities without trampling over one another in the process. A lot of people take seating for granted, and in some countries, they don’t have the luxury of such ample seating at some venues, featuring events that draw in people by the thousands, with only enough seating to comfortably accommodate a portion of the crowd, making the possibility of accidents far higher than you are likely to find here in the states.

You may not think much of bleachers, but they are some of the most accommodating forms of seating you are likely to find anywhere from the local park to a show at a theme park, allowing for many people to sit together in a limited area, with slight variations in each row, depending on the size and amount of people in each row. Though they may not be the most comfortable of all types of seating, aluminum bleachers are one of the most common seating choices in larger venues across the nation.

At sporting events, you will still find bleachers to an extent, but in more instances will likely find bucket seats, giving each person an allocated amount of space to sit comfortably and watch the game without having to share as much space with the people around you. You will still see bleachers in some areas, but as time passes, most venues are expected to do renovations which can include replacing bleachers with stadium seating, but may not eliminate it altogether.

Ever since the days of the Roman Coliseum and even the days when Shakespeare was putting on shows for crowds of people at a time, seating has been an invaluable part of social gatherings, and can be easily overlooked, yet still remains one of the things we are more dependent on and focus on when going out and taking part in any event, no matter how small.

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