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March 25, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

It’s no joke that having a farm has a lot of costs and expenses involved with maintaining and securing it. It used to be the case that having a simple wooden or barbed wire fence could keep predators and would be thieves away, but now that tools and equipment that can easily bypass these perimeter defenses are easily accessible, a step above having these simple wires and wooden posts will be required. Fortunately, technology has also made an electric fence more affordable to produce and install around a perimeter. To be brief, an electric fence looks just like any barbed wire fence but with a twist; it is constantly being fed a strong current of electricity that can either buzz the victim to keep him or it out, or knock him or it out completely, depending on the amount of exposure.

Some people would think that having these electric fences would only be an added cost to the already sky high amount of expenses they have to pay for, but in reality, electric fence technology has progressed so much that they have found a way to source energy, not from your local power plant, but from the power of the sun. Solar powered electric fence have a solar panel that constantly charges a battery found in the center of the system and will act as the energy source once the sun comes down. Effectively reducing the amount of electricity you need to operate it. Think of it as an added insurance that your products won’t be stolen, which would cost you so much more.


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