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Gallagher fences for cattle

February 10, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Gallagher electric fences are commonly used in farms to contain cattle. These fences function as psychological barriers and effectively keep animals within the confines of the farm area while at the same time driving away wild animals. There are several types of electric fences. Some of them even act over long distances. Wire fencing achieve the desired psychological effect on animals by sending a pulse from a charger located on the ground. In the event that an animal comes in contact with the boundary, a sharp but safe shock is sent. The animal is, in this way, trained to stay within the limits of that particular boundary.

As the electric fence is, in essence, a psychological boundary, it does not require a considerable amount of electrical current to function properly. Electric fencing systems, however, need to be designed properly to absorb shocks from the weather as well as the animals. Fencings chargers also need to be powerful depending on the length of the fence and the number of animals contained within.

Livestock fencing is a very cost-effective solution when it comes to enclosing animals and driving unwanted predators away from cattle. Another advantage of the electric fence is that it is quite easy to install and normally lasts longer than the common fence. These types of fencings are also widespread among vegetable planters who wish to protect their fruits and vegetables from rabbits.

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