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Different types of construction claims

May 14, 2019 by · Leave a Comment 

Construction claims have become a common part of majority of construction projects. They usually arise from various sources of disagreement between the contractor and the client. According to Lyle Charles Consulting, following are the most common types of construction claims.

When the project usually takes longer than stated in the contract, the client files a delay claim and against the contractor for the loss arising from late completion.

Sometimes contractor accelerates the works by spending more money. Disputes arise for the acceleration cost between the parties because the contractor files a claim against to the client for extra payment. Moreover, the client is not willing to bear the costs for acceleration.

During the project execution phase, client may request extra work to be done, without making any written request. As a result, disputes arise from the discussion whether the requested change falls within the scope of work or not. In some cases, disputes arise related with the unit price of the extra work.

When the actual site condition is different from the conditions written in the contract, contractor files a claim. For example, the kind of soil specified in the contract is clay in a highway project. But when the contractor starts to investigate ground conditions, he finds out that the ground is rocky soil. Then the contractor files a claim to increase the unit price of excavation.

If the contractor damages a property owned by the client, the client files a claim to retrieve a loss. You can avoid all of these potential issues by hiring a construction claims consultant.

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