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A Guide to a Portable Room Air Conditioner

May 12, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

A portable room air conditioner is a great addition to any room because you can move it anywhere in the room to focus the cold air exactly where you want it.  These types of units are not only great for keeping you nice and cool during those hot summer months but certain equipment, such as computers needs to stay cool as well.  Portable units are also extremely cost effective.  For a bedroom, computer room or small office, a unit that is between 12,000 to 24,000 BTU’s should be enough for maximum cooling power.

             There is a new technology in air conditioners which provide an alternative to a traditional fan coil unit.  They are called ceiling mounted units. They are totally self contained and are perfect for small spaces.  They are ideal for rooms that produce a lot of heat such as computer server rooms.  These units are different from coil units because they are either air cooled or water cooled.  Most of these units range from 10, 5000 BTU’s to 29,400 BTU’s.  They are compact and easy to install.  The units come with detailed instructions, flanges, condensation pumps and mounting brackets that are built in.

             Computer cooling is needed to keep the components of the computer within a normal temperature range.  These components include graphics cards and hard disk drives.  If overheated, these components can temporarily shut down or they can cause permanent damage to the computer.  The CPU is the primary heat generator in a computer.

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