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Best Places to Live on the Beach

June 23, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Dream Finders

Summary: There are plenty of exciting, beach-side areas to call home. Here is a list of favorite spots on Grand Cayman.

James Bovell is a Cayman Islands realtor with some recommendations on the best spots to live beach-side. Ocean-side living is undeniably attractive and luxurious. Whether you want to retire, or you wish to take some time in a remote location for a few years, the Cayman Islands are just one of many exciting places around the globe.

The Cayman Islands are considered a tropical climate, which is perfect for surfers and beach-farers. A three bedroom home is on par with what you might find in New York or San Francisco, and almost half of the population is made of expats. It’s easy to immigrate into the country, and even easier to buy a home.

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman homes range in price depending on whether you are looking for a luxury beach front condo, a canal front home with boating access, a large beach front estate or a quiet in-land home. While there are no annual property taxes, there is a one- time duty that is paid at the time of purchase. There are also no restrictions on who can own property in the Cayman Islands. The one thing you do need to anticipate is the cost of daily necessities. As most of the goods are imported, the island carries a slightly higher cost of living. Still, the beaches are calm and the water is clear and blue.

The Cayman Islands feature luxury condos on prime beach real estate, some of which is situated on Seven Mile Beach. These luxurious condos are complete with opulent finishes and amenities that rival the finest five-star hotels. Folks who love the outdoors will find endless appeal in the Cayman Islands. There are spots to go scuba diving, hiking and it takes only about an hour to drive the entire way around the island.

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