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What are Osho sannyasins?

July 28, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

In Hinduism, the topmost and final stage of one’s life is known as called the Sannyasa, and it is normally taken up by people who are above the age of fifty years and above or young monks who wish to give up their materialistic desires to pursue a spiritual path.S

everal Osho discourses also treated this subject but with a twist, keeping in mind the changes that today’s world places on every human to survive and thrive in society. Osho began his work as spiritual teachers and took on neo-sannyasins who were also known as the ‘Orange People’ or Osho sannyasins.

Instead of relying on dogma and religious principles, these new disciples were exhorted to find their own spiritual path using techniques, practices and methods that were outlined by none other than Osho himself.

While also writing several books which interpreted teachings from several religions as well as combined their philosophy in order to emphasize the values of meditation, awareness, love, creativity, humor most of all, celebration.

Almost all of these values are in his teaching while some of them are inculcated in the dynamic meditation method which uses Osho meditation music in order to take one through the different stages and emotions that it wishes to bring out in each disciple.

And despite the numerous controversies and his subsequent death in 1990, his disciples around the world hold him in high regard for the insight he provided them in leading a spiritual life.

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