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Tips for Making Your House Look Bigger With Remodeling Contractors

September 23, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Are you thinking about looking for remodeling contractors to make your house look bigger but don’t have a lot of money? If so, you are going to find two tips for making your house look bigger on a small budget.

Build an office in a closet – If you have very little space but you want to have an office in your home one of the places that you can build one is right in a good sized closet.  Really all you need is 4-6 sturdy, deep shelves.  It’s a good idea to set your lowest shelf at just 30 inches above the floor so that you’re able to roll over and reach it in an office chair.

Move your laundry upstairs – Going on the stairs every time you have to do laundry can really be a chore in itself but if you bring your washer and dryer upstairs, you are going to find that it’s not so bad.  The machines today are a lot smaller and they are able to stack together a lot of times.  You only need about four feet and they can be put in a nook, a hallway, or even in a closet.  You’ll need new wiring and pipes but it’s going to be worth it.

No matter what you want to do with your house, whether it’s kitchen remodeling or basement remodeling, you are going to find that Remodeling Solutions is a great place to turn. They have plenty of experience and references.

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