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Preparing for a Hurricane

May 23, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

In most cases, people don’t think about doing hurricane preparations until it’s almost too late. Preparing for a hurricane means focusing on the tasks that are tougher to do when the storm is closing in. In most cases, these jobs will need you to invest days before they are finished.

Knowing what to prepare for

Understanding how to prepare in case of hurricanes means that you first need to understand what you should prepare for. There are some threads that arrive together with a hurricane: storms, high winds, flooding and tornadoes. If you want to find more information on the threats that come with a hurricane, there is plenty of information available online. After you understand what you’re dealing with, you should start preparing for the storms. For example, plan in advance what you should do if you’re separated from the family or what escape route to use.

Items to use
• Look around your property and find items, trees especially, that might fall on the house. The dead branches should be cut and if possible the same should be done with the trees.
• Get a portable radio, together with a NOAA weather radio, so you can get the latest news
• Ensure that the flashlight works as it should. Keep a spare with you.
• Get stocks of batteries, foods that aren’t perishable, pet food and bottled water. Get the medicine prescriptions that you need.
• Get propane for the grill, as a backup if the power goes down. In many cases, there will be weeks before the power is restored after a hurricane.
• You can also use a portable generator, if the power is down.
• You could also use a chain saw, if there are trees that fall on your house or on the road.

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