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Planning a Church Group Ski Trip

August 18, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Ski Daddy

What could be more exciting than a winter wonderland? Colorado offers some of the most amazing slopes in the world, and resorts there cater to all skill levels. If you’re planning a church group trip, consider hanging outdoors among nature. Ski trips are affordable and fun, and everyone can bond together.

Determine Availability

The first thing you should do before you book group ski packages in Colorado is whether everyone in your group will have the same availability. Planning a family trip is easier in this respect, because mostly everyone is on the same page. For church groups, float the idea around now and try to gauge interest. It may be helpful to convene a meeting and let everyone debate the availability to help move the process along faster.


Once you’ve ironed out everyone’s availability for the church group ski trip, book your plans as soon as you can. This ends up working out to your advantage. It gives the resort plenty of time to arrange for space for your group, and it allows you to thoroughly research the amenities offered at each park. You should buy your lift tickets at least two weeks out from the date you plan to take the trip. You can do this now, but it’s best to wait and give your group a chance to check out the options. Try picking your top three or top five and putting those up to a small vote to see which is most appealing.

Secure Commitments

Group skiing packages cost money, and while payment is flexible depending on how quickly you book your trip, it’s best to secure the commitments from your group as soon as possible. The most effective method of doing this is to require a cash or check deposit upfront. If your organization does not already have one, set up an account you can use to accumulate and use these funds to pay for your trip.

Plan Transportation

When you a plan an event of this scale, transportation will always be an issue. IF you’re not local to Colorado, you might have to book flight plans. Make sure you call ahead and see fi you can work out some group rates to get things going. Bus packages and rental vans are another option that can prove to be a fun cross-country experience.
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