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How and Why to Apply Weather Stripping to a Door

August 22, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

You can seal air leaks in your home with weather stripping. It’s a great way to cut out drafts without having to rebuild the frame of the door or window. Stripping is very inexpensive, and it’s easy to apply too. Here are some tips and instruction to help you in this project.

Weather Stripping Overview

Weather stripping comes in many forms, and it’s often overlooked when one thinks of upgrades to a home. The truth is that weather stripping insulates your home and adds another layer of protection from heat loss. Weather stripping can be applied to either doors or windows, so it’s a good idea to assess which rooms in your home lose the most heat. Start in those areas and work your way around the house.

For Doors

There are two kinds of weather stripping available for most doors. Self-adhesive foam is good for the top and sides of the door, while you will want a sweep at the bottom. The sweep must be cut to fit your door, then it can be installed by bolting it to the door itself. You will also need to trim the adhesive foam to fit the top and sides of your door.

For Windows

Windows will also require two kinds of weather stripping to be most effective. You will need self-adhesive foam to insulate the frame of the window, and V-channel stripping for the sash. It should be noted that casement windows will only need self-adhesive foam.


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