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If you want to know how the weather is like all the time, the best options would be a virtual or sensor free weather station. You can choose either a standalone station, which gets signals, or a program that is PC based. If the readings are taken in your house’s vicinity, they can both be accurate.

If you have instruments of your own, you will get the best readings for your area. Still, a kid or a pet can mess with that outdoor equipment. They can also be influenced by the elements and time. If you don’t know enough about mechanics, you might have a problem setting up the sensors and the station.
Since sites exist that will have connections with local stations, there are more opportunities than before for weather fans. All you have to do is visit a site like WeatherBug or Weather Underground. You can see what conditions are in any region and you can even see historical data. You can get most information for free but there are also premium options.

Since they can tap in MSN Direct type services, stations that are standalone can give you what conditions exist right now without even having any extra sensors installed. A lot of stations are getting data from instruments that are kept by this service. Their readings are refreshed every couple of minutes and they give information on what the chances or rain are, wind, rain, humidity and temperature. This network will also carry warnings from NWS.

The closeness to the placement of the receiving instruments is very important for home options, as far as the quality of options is concerned. If you have the luck of a service with instruments maintained in your vicinity, you don’t really need a home station, as the readings will be identical. However, if those services have their instruments in places that are too far away from your location, they might say that the conditions are different than they really are.

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