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Finding used grain augers

January 15, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

If you are starting out your agricultural business, you might have considered acquiring second hand farming equipment. Buying second-hand farm implements can be a good investment and can help you find quality materials at a relatively low price. If for instance, you are looking for grain augers or farm tractor parts you might consider buying secondhand.

Predictable lifetime

Most agricultural equipment have a predictable lifetime. This means that you would have easy access to used equipment. As a matter of fact, several lending institutions have preferential policies for farmers buying used machineries. Machine experts can provide estimates on the remaining life of a used machine, facilitating agricultural companies in their decision to choose used farm equipment.

Cost effective

Used machines are naturally cheaper. Some stores provide refurbishing services of secondhand farm equipment. This is good news for customers as they would be able to make stress-free purchases. Farmers would find it better to buy seasonally-used equipment secondhand. Since these would not be used the whole year round, secondhand equipment are wise investments. The same would apply for repairs. As a reflex, several agricultors tends to go for new parts. Used and refurbished parts would be cheaper alternatives. You might also think to combine parts to restore a machine.

Tried and tested

Several tests have demonstrated that older machine parts have almost the same functionalities than their more modern counterparts. This can be attributed to the fact that these equipment have been tried and tested over several years.

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