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Ensure That You Custom Home Addition Encourages Future Expansion

July 7, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

One of the most common mistakes that people make when designing and building a home is not leaving space and provisions for the expansion of the homes. Most people build their homes as if they have no future plans for the expansion of the homes. This becomes a huge problem when they are looking to make changes, like the inclusion of a second floor addition.

Thus before you start on the construction of the house, you have to let the company know that you have expansion plans, if at all you have any. This will ensure that the builders Los Angeles make the necessary adjustments to allow for this in the future. The responsibility of making this possible does not lie on the company alone as you have to play a role too. For example, you have to leave space around the house if you are looking to expand sideways and not upwards. You do not want a court where you are thinking of expanding the house to in the future.

Leaving this provisions mostly works for people who have custom home construction. This is because they have the ability to tell the contractor on site to leave the necessary provisions for the expansion. Those who bought the homes after they had been built are not likely to benefit from later expansion. Companies that make homes in consultation with the owners like mega builders are more likely to leave some space for the alteration of their designs than those who sell the finished houses to the customers.

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