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60’s clothing – A paradigm shift in fashion

June 21, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Almost every has pleasant memories of the 60’s. Whether it is 60’s clothing or the people that were famous from that era, almost everyone will have lovely story to tell of their experiences during that time. A time of freedom, peace, brotherhood and some awesome music that wanted to spread a message of love and unity around the world.

The same goes for the time when you visit your grandparents, and only one word comes to mind: retro home décor. Of course, this is accompanied by the proverbial ‘the good old days’ where everything was just perfect while you are thinking, “Oh man, where can I find stuff like this”.

While the old fogies, as we love to call them that these days, are happily living in the past, there comes a time when looking back in the past on the trends and the days gone by, hold special relevance to even the most hip youngster. Well, it comes with age, and in reaching adulthood!

There are websites that still showcase the trends that were the latest rage during each era, be it mens vintage trousers or even miniskirts or platform shoes and so on and so forth of is one of the most popular sites.

Call it déjà vu or even a blast from the past, if one dares to look back at the most inspiring events of the past, you will appreciate the developments made in fashion or whichever field and perhaps desire to follow in their footsteps. Well, at least most fashion designers do that these days…

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