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4 Outdoor Getaways for Families

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It’s hard carting the family to Magic Mountain for the umpteenth time. It becomes an expensive trip to a place that wears you out, and it can even get repetitive. The old road trip the Hoover Dam is equally over booked, and kids hate sitting still for hours on end anyway. If you’re looking for a family vacation that is new and exciting, try exploring some different parts of the country. You might book group skiing packages for the kids, or look for a nice long drive to the scenic coast. These getaways are affordable and beautiful.


Family ski trips to Colorado will take you to beautiful mountain vistas. Thousands of acres of ski slopes, and several hiking trails also snake through the mountains. Colorado is known for its tall mountains and cross country skiing, but there is plenty to do during the winter. You can relax at the nearby lodge, or build snowmen outside your cabin. There are even snowcap rides you can take through back country roads.


Utah is the land of mountains and national parks. Its wide open spaces make it a treasure for nature lovers, and you will find plenty of outdoor activities during summer or winter. The canyons are an excellent trip that is very close to the Salt Lake City airport. There are even special all-terrain courses for snowboarders in addition to the many lodges that dot the compound.

New Mexico

Angel Fire in New Mexico is an elaborate course featuring 75 different runs to match almost any skill level. This destination is perfect for families with amateur skiers, as there are plenty of instructors waiting to give lessons. Angel Fire also offers a few night-skiing packages that make it an intriguing destination for those who want the “off the beaten path” feel.

National Parks

America is blessed with a variety of national parks that stretch all through the country. Yosemite is one possible getaway, but you can car camp just about anywhere near your home town. A few days away from home by the fire will have your whole family appreciating the finer things in life. For those who prefer a more glamorous experience, you can book a cabin or rent an RV for the week.

Final Thoughts

WithSki Daddytrips you’ll have another great excuse to get outdoors. Try to organize big groups whenever you can. You might be able to save some money on accommodations by splitting the fees, or booking your events well in advance.

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